SOYC has initiated 24 projects over the past 3 years. In 2009 they attended 4 project, In 2010 they attended 6 project and 2011 they attended 14 project. We mention only some of them here but please revert to the “Pictures” section of our website for photo’s of all of our projects.

Kortijn is a disadvantaged community located in a poor section of Otrobanda. In 2011, a fire destroyed 5 houses, leaving 2 families with children homeless. Three of the houses were considered crack houses and were not inhabited. After much back and forth between the government departments that should be involved with the cleanup of the area cause of hygiene and the burning zinc plate for the children in that area and providing assistance to the homeless families, SOYC ended up stepping in and assisting 1 family with the construction of a new home. SOYC assisted the family from going to the notary to look up old title deeds, to obtaining construction permits, to construction of the house. SOYC obtained construction materials from various local companies, furniture was donated, kitchen appliances were donated etc. and the family was able to celebrate Christmas in their new home with their children and grand children.


- Project duration:

3 months Sta. Helena
Sta. Helena is al area located in [……….]. This was a horrifying case whereby a huge boulder weighing in at approximately ……….tones came loose due to excessive rain fall with the storm Thomas 2010 and came crashing down the hillside almost landing on a house. The boulder crushed part of the house but miraculously the elderly inhabitant sustained no injuries. The part of the house that was crushed served as a day care for the youngsters of the neighborhood. For two months nothing was done to eliminate the threat of the boulder continuing its path down the hill side and crushing houses in its path. Estimated cost to remove the boulder: ANG 200,000. SOYC stepped in and within 2 hours removed the boulder and within 2 weeks rebuild the crushed section of the house. Today the children of the area are happy to play there once again.


- Project duration: 2 weeks.
- Project Cost: ANG 5000.—to remove.

Best Student of the Year Award
For 2 years now SOYC has organized this award ceremony for children from disadvantaged families attending primary schools in low income areas. Each year 10 schools participate and send their best student to the award ceremony. These kids attend the ceremony with their parent(s) and receive a ‘school package’ consisting of writing materials, notebooks, planners, and everything needed to start their year at secondary school. This program is sponsored by various commercial companies.


Dolphin Kids
In SOYC organized a day out for 10 children from low income families for a day of fun in the sun with the dolphins of Sea aquarium! Sea aquarium sponsored the entrance tickets. This was a life changing event as the children did not know what a dolphin was let alone the fun tricks that they could perform. After a few anxious moments, the dolphins had the kids laughing and playing with them in the shortest time! It was an unforgettable experience not only for the kids but for the dolphin handlers as well.


Project “Yudami”
This project is unfortunately very typical in our community. Shahaira is physically disabled and confined to a wheel chair. She is 35 years old and lives in a low income area of Kibraltar. She lives in a government housing project and works by the library. She has been trying for 4 years to get the housing authority to repair and modify the entrance path to her house as well as the back part of her house by lowering the wash line so that she can reach it to hang up her laundry. Her plight was brought to the attention of SOYC. Through donations of brick and construction materials, SOYC fixed the entrance to her house, evened out the back of her house to make it safe and accessible for her wheelchair, built her a patio so that she can reach her clothes line and cut and lowered the clothes line so that she could do her laundry.


- Project duration: two weeks